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Container element appears as text element in editor (KHF)


On the KHF system, there is a metadata element called condition_notes. In the UI, it appears to be a text field, and there are several object records with data in this element.

However, viewing the element from Manage - Administration, I see that it's actually a container with several sub-elements.

But in the User Interface, it appears in the editor as a text field. (See New - Object - Publication).

When I export the profile configuration and install it on another system, the container appears correctly. But even when I remove the element from the UI and re-add it on the KHF system, it still appears as a free text field.

Not sure how this happened, but since data exists already, my guess is that it is supposed to be a simple text field.

The problem is, I can't import to it since it's technically a container with sub-elements.




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October 19, 2016, 9:41 AM

There was a discrepancy in the configuration data in their live system. It's on an early metadata element, one from the original configuration, so who knows when it got that way. I reset it and condition_notes are showing appropriately again.


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Jonathan Byerley