Automated mapping from Mediainfo & Exif tool to Object Representation fields (and digital object types)


Here is a mapping I've started on, trying to get this done this week (will ask TC and SK to review):

Idea is that when an digital original is uploaded, the Mediainfo and Exif metadata will autopopulate in "object" fields (digital type), and if it's a derivative (whether made outside of CA or within) these fields will be represented in Object Representation record.




Lauren Sorensen
December 4, 2019, 2:14 PM

Hello! The derivatives are necessary because these would include Digital Preservation Master Files – especially in the case of DV tape transfer and analog video migration where the original is being digitized as a conservation action, e.g. the analog video won't be playable in ~5 years so the high quality digital file becomes the thing to preserve (and so they will want PREMIS xml export mapping from these Mediainfo fields). I imagine there are cases like this for older documents and other types of material as well. Happy to discuss further on the phone or provide citations or help out in any way!

For the other question, Mediainfo is pretty consistent with it's extraction so I don't think we'd need to worry about which of the derivatives to extract metadata from. PBCore wants this kind of info from all the derivative files. Would it be possible to map any and all derivatives to a set of CA fields? That way in the future if a derivative somehow becomes a digital preservation master bc other files were somehow lost, the metadata will be there in a structured way external to the file. This is a common need for digital preservation practice / policies.

Lauren Sorensen
January 13, 2020, 7:12 PM

Hello! I wanted to check in on this. Should we set a time to meet about it?

Lauren Sorensen
February 4, 2020, 8:00 PM

Western Front would like to have media files be “pointed to” in CollectiveAccess (through storage location or other means) without being stored on whatever storage device a client would use to upload through (e.g. they want to record the metadata, technical and descriptive but not use expensive cloud storage to host it and want to put it on off-line hard drives or LTO).

(Not sure if this capability is in the software now or not)

Lauren Sorensen
February 4, 2020, 8:23 PM

Per internal WIG conversation, holding off on the Exif tool development and only using Mediainfo


February 24, 2020, 5:07 PM

Implemented mediainfo support in develop branch


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