Fatal error on editing objects


I just pulled the latest develop and have found a problem with editing objects. I do wonder if it's to do with the recently implemented "idno patterns can be shared between types"

Number of values passed (1) does not equal number of values required (2) in /var/www/html/tas-providence/app/lib/Db/mysqli.php line 285:
In Db_mysqli->execute(Object DbStatement, Object DbStatement, ' SELECT idno FROM ca_objects WHERE idno LIKE ? AND type_id = ? AND (deleted = 0) ORDER BY idno_sort DESC LIMIT 1 ', Array(1), ) in DbStatement line 151
At DbStatement->executeWithParamsAsArray(Array(1), ) in Db line 259
At Db->query(' SELECT idno FROM ca_objects WHERE idno LIKE ? AND type_id = ? AND (deleted = 0) ORDER BY idno_sort DESC LIMIT 1 ', Array(1)) in MultipartIDNumber line 500
At MultipartIDNumber->getNextValue('serial', 'PRIORITY:art:261', true) in MultipartIDNumber line 1187
At MultipartIDNumber->genNumberElement('serial', 'idno', , , false, Array(24)) in MultipartIDNumber line 818
At MultipartIDNumber->htmlFormElement('idno', Array(3), Array(24)) in BundlableLabelableBaseModelWithAttributes line 6853
At BundlableLabelableBaseModelWithAttributes->htmlFormElement('idno', '
', Array(17)) in BundlableLabelableBaseModelWithAttributes line 1528
At BundlableLabelableBaseModelWithAttributes->getBundleFormHTML('idno', 'P6208', Array(10), Array(7), 'CA ID') in BundlableLabelableBaseModelWithAttributes line 2725
At BundlableLabelableBaseModelWithAttributes->getBundleFormHTMLForScreen('Screen656', Array(5), Array(1)) in screen_html line 59
At require('/var/www/html/tas-providence/themes/default/views/editor/objects/screen_html.php') in View line 329
At View->_render('/var/www/html/tas-providence/themes/default/views/editor/objects/screen_html.php') in View line 297
At View->render('screen_html.php', false) in ActionController line 163
At ActionController->render('screen_html.php') in BaseEditorController line 221
At BaseEditorController->Edit(Array(0), ) in ObjectEditorController line 62
At ObjectEditorController->Edit() in RequestDispatcher line 281
At RequestDispatcher->dispatch(Array(1)) in AppController line 113
At AppController->dispatch(true) in index line 121
Request parameters:
collectiveaccess => 3f526e7c-59b9-47cf-a65d-85e493949eda
CA_collectiveaccess_ui_locale => en_AU

I have attached my multipart_id_numbering.conf.






Kehan Harman




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