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Associative arrays as argument to SOAP services don't seem to work.


I am having trouble passing the right arguments to the SOAP services whenever associative arrays are expected. For example, the UserContent service has quite some methods expecting associative arrays or maps as arguments (addSet, addTag, addComment, updateSet, etc...)

I am consuming the service with the nuSOAP library, and every time i send an associative array it ends up flattened in the service endpoint. Upon inspection of the WSDL, the arguments to e.g. addSet are specified like this:

<message name="addSetIn">
<part name="type" type="xsd:string"/>
<part name="set_info_array" type="soap-enc:Array"/>

However, i suspect soap-enc:Array to be a flat array definition and we might either need something like apache-enc:Map or other complexTypes.

Can you confirm that this is indeed a bug or am i overlooking something?

If it is, i would like to fix this but i am unsure how to proceed, since we are using Zend_Soap_Autodiscover to generate the WSDL, and i am unaware of any map or key-value support therein.


lamp: debian 6, apache 2.2.21, mysql 5.5.9, php 5.3.6


Stefan Keidel


Thimo Thoeye




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